Conductor's Club

Conductor's Club Members Receive:

  • A Conductor's Club Certificate.
  • A welcome gift.
  • A special school supply at Member Appreciation Day in August each year.
  • A quarterly newsletter.
  • A birthday card each year, which they can bring into the credit union and get $5 put into their account!*

The Details: 

  • Kids will need to be the primary on their own account, with a parent as joint in order to take advantage of a Conductor's Club Account.
  • Any kid that already has an account set up will be automatically enrolled in the Conductor's Club.
  • The Conductor's Club is for kids ages 0-11. On the child's 12th birthday, they will get a birthday card with an invitation to open a Student Checking Account.
  • To open an account for your child, you will need: 1.) a $25 first deposit into the account, 2.) their social security card, and 3.) the guardian will need to bring a valid government-issued ID with current address. 
  • *The kid and/or the parent will need to bring in the birthday card within 30 days of receiving it in order to get the birthday gift.