Bill Pay

Bill Pay

With Bill Pay, you can pay more than just bills. Members with a Santa Fe FCU checking account can use Bill Pay to move money to multiple places. 

Send money to and from your other bank accounts: 
Our Bill Pay software allows you to send money to and from other accounts easily. Most transfers process in 2-3 business days and it is an easy way to manage all of your finances is one place. There is no fee for this service. 
To get started: 
-Go to the Bill Pay tab in Online Banking or Mobile App 
-Click 'I Want to..' 
-Select 'Transfer Between My Accounts'
-Go to the 'Accounts' tab in the middle of your screen
-Click the orange + icon
-Enter the account information for your other financial institution
-Click 'Add Account' 

Once you add your account, you may be asked to verify micro deposits in your other bank account. These will be a small withdrawal and deposit of less than $1.00. Once you receive those, go back to the Bill Pay screen to verify the transaction amounts. After the verification process, you will be able to send and receive money from that account. 

Send money to other people
With Bill Pay, you can easily send money to friends and family, without knowing their account information. To send money to others: 
-Go to the Bill Pay tab in Online Banking or Mobile App 
-Click 'I Want to..' 
-Click 'Pay a Person' 
-Click the box that says 'Name or Nickname' 
-Click 'Add Recipient' 
-Enter the Recipient's Name, phone or email, and a message if you like 
-Click 'Continue to the next step'
-Provide a secret word that you will share with the recipient to verify the transaction
-Send a secure ID code to a phone number or email listed
-The recipient will receive a text or email and follow those instructions to receive their funds

Pay bills and companies
Bill Pay is the easiest way to pay your bills, all in one place.
To add a Payee: 
-Go to the Bill Pay tab in Online Banking or Mobile App 
-Click the 'Add Payee' button
-Type the name of the company and select the one you want to pay
     -If your Payee isn't listed, click the button at the bottom that says 'Add Payee Manually'
-Enter the Address, your account number for the Payee, and select the account you want to Pay from
-Click 'Create Payee' 

Once you have your Payees added, you are ready to pay bills. To pay bills: 
-Find the Payee you want to pay on the Bill Pay home screen
-Enter the amount you want to send
-Enter the date you want the money sent (Please note the estimated delivery date) 
-Add a memo if you like
-Click the orange 'Pay Bills' button in the top right of your screen 

****Please note that Bill Pay does require an active Share Draft Checking account.


Call our support line at 866.870.9784 Monday through Friday from 8:30am - 3:00am CST.

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