online banking

Express Teller

You can access your accounts by phone 24 hours a day, and get information on your shares, share draft or loan accounts. You can also request funds by check and it will be mailed directly to the address on the system. All you need is a touch tone telephone and the number.

806.373.0799  In Amarillo
800.999.3144  Outside Amarillo

Menu Options

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  ## Return to previous menu
  99 Repeat Menu Options
  96 Change PIN number
  98 Terminate Call
Main Menu
  01 Transaction Menu
  02 Balance Inquiry Menu
  03 Draft Inquiry Menu
  04 History Menu
  05 Dividend and Interest Menu
  06 Rates and Services Menu
  07 Other Options Menu
04 History Menu
  01 Share draft deposits
  02 Share deposits
  03 Share withdrawals
  04 ATM transactions
  05 ACH deposits
  06 ACH withdrawals
  07 Payroll deposits
01 Transaction Menu
  01 Share to share transfer
  02 Share to loan transfer
  03 Loan advance to an account
  04 Loan advance by check
  05 Check Withdrawal from share account
  06 Share to other member share transfer
  07 Share to other member loan transfer
05 Dividends and Interest Menu
  01 YTD dividends
  02 YTD interest paid
  03 Prior years YTD dividends
  04 Prior years YTD interest paid
  05 Last dividend amount
02 Balance Inquiry Menu
  01 Share draft balance
  02 Share account balance
  03 Loan balance
  04 Certificate balance
  05 IRA balance
06 Rates and Services Menu
  01 Lobby and loan hours
  02 Drive through hours
  03 Voice response hours
  04 Loan rates
  05 Savings rates
  06 Draft rates
  07 Certificates rates
03 Draft Inquiry Menu
  01 Cleared drafts
  02 Draft deposits
  03 Cleared drafts by draft number
07 Other Options Menu
  01 Calculate a loan payoff
  02 Loan Amortization
    01 Calculate a payment amount for a loan
    02 Max. loan amount based on payment
  03 Reorder checks
  04 CD maturity date
  05 Receive marketing information
  06 Member voice mail
  07 Current date and time
  08 Change PIN number