Download your account information right into Quicken!
Use this Personal Financial Management Software (PFM) to organize your finances and budget money.

How to import a Quicken QFX file:

  1. Open Quicken
  2. Sign in to Online Banking and view your account.
  3. From the Account History page in Online Banking, select the option to download "Quicken 2004 or newer (.qfx)", and then click "Download".
  4. If this is the first time you have downloaded information for this account, or if Quicken cannot determine which account to download the transactions into, you will be prompted to identify the Quicken account you use to track this financial information.
  5. If you have already set up a Quicken account for this account, click "Use existing Quicken account," and then choose the account from the list.
  6. If you have not yet set up a Quicken account for this account, click "Create a new Quicken account," and then click "Continue".
  7. Click "Continue" again. Your recent account history will be downloaded to Quicken. Depending on the amount of information being sent, you may see a progress bar indicating how much of the transfer is complete.
  8. When your recent account history has been transferred, accept the downloaded transactions into Quicken.