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Merging for a Brighter Future

CEO Update - April 2023

We are quickly approaching our May 1 completion of the merger between Borger FCU and Santa Fe FCU. As I stated in previous letters, Santa Fe FCU will work to keep the members of Borger FCU informed on upcoming changes before they occur.

In the upcoming weeks members in Borger will begin to see changes in the Borger FCU website (  Santa Fe FCU will continue to use and brand the Borger FCU website. You may notice that after entering the site the sub sheets on the website will be branded Santa Fe FCU.  The common element you will notice is the use of the medallion and the colors throughout all pages.

The current online banking button on the website will be directed to Santa Fe’s login page at 8AM on May 1. Until that time the login will direct members to the current Borger FCU online banking.

Borger’s online banking will be shut down on April 28, 2023. Members will be required to use the email address that the credit union has on file when registering on the Santa Fe FCU online banking platform after May 1. Borger FCU BillPay data will not be migrated to the Santa Fe FCU BillPay platform. We recommend that you save your Payees and History before April 28.

Beginning with the May 31 statements that you will receive in June, all statements will be branded with the Santa Fe FCU logo and medallion.  Borger members will no longer be able to access previous statements online that were on the Borger FCU online banking platform.  You will still be able to call the credit union and receive copies of previous statements if needed.

Members will be able to make loan payments online. You can view other ways to pay your loan(s) using the following link ( All other ACH payments will continue to be processed as scheduled and your current checks will still be valid.

Finally, Santa Fe FCU in conjunction with our debit card provider will be sending out new Borger FCU branded cards. You should receive your new card sometime in the middle of April. If you have not received your card by the last week of April please contact the credit union at 806-273-9506.

*Please note that your NEW Borger FCU card will not work until after the May 1 cut-over.

I would like to thank all the members of Borger FCU for your continued support and patience as we work to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Thank you,                                                                                              

Steven Adee

CEO Update - February 2023

I would like to start by welcoming the members of Borger FCU to Santa Fe FCU. The Board of Directors, Management and Staff are excited to begin this new chapter together. As of February 1, the merger between the two credit unions was completed from an accounting standpoint.  We have yet to complete the merging of the two database cores.

What does that mean for the members located in Borger? It means that until May 1 all of Borger FCU’s operations will remain exactly the same. You will continue to use your current online banking, mobile banking, debit cards and credit card processes.  You will not be able to take advantage of the Amarillo, Albuquerque or CO-OP shared branch locations because we do not have access to your accounts and balances.

Over the next few months, we will be working closely with Borger FCU’s current core provider (Fiserv) to insure that we are able to capture all of the necessary account balances and data. We will be importing that data on to Santa Fe FCU’s core (Sharetec).  We will also be moving the online services, debit and credit cards. On May 1, the members of Borger FCU will have access to Santa Fe FCU’s all the branches and online services.  You should receive your new Santa Fe FCU debit card towards the end of April. There will be more detailed conversations as we move forward and as information is available.  The credit card program will be migrated to the Santa Fe system, and we will eventually be upgrading this product as well, but it will follow the May 1 conversion.

The management team and staff are working diligently to ensure that the minimal impact on the Borger membership. We will continually keep you informed and provide necessary details as we move forward.

Finally, thank you for your patience as we move forward completing the operational part of the merger. If you have any additional questions please feel free to email your questions or concerns to

Thank you,                                                                                         

Steven Adee

About the Merger

Borger FCU has a long-tenured history of providing excellent financial products and services to their members. The merger with Santa Fe FCU allows those products and services to be enhanced, while still keeping the things you love about your credit union. Both credit unions have deep roots in similar industries, making this a perfect fit. We understand that change is never easy, but we want you to know that the staff at both Borger FCU and Santa Fe FCU are here to help make this transition as smooth as possible!

Current Borger Federal Credit Union members can cast their votes inside the branch or at the special meeting on November 10th. We encourage every member to vote and ask a staff member if you have any questions about the merger. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What changes can I expect? 

Borger Federal Credit Union will continue to be the local, hometown credit union you have loved for 70 years. The name and branch will be retained after the merger and you will see enhanced services that are currently offered by Santa Fe Federal Credit Union. We will work hard to integrate everyone to the new online banking system and make any changes as seamless as possible. If you have any issues during this transition, please stop by or give us a call so we can help! 

Tell me more about Santa Fe FCU 

Santa Fe FCU opened in 1936 as a railroaders credit union in Amarillo, Tx. We have two branches in Amarillo and one in Albuquerque, NM.  Santa Fe FCU is a medium-sized credit union with approximately 10,500 members. Our main office is located at 7600 Hillside Rd in Amarillo, Tx and you can rest assured that we will always remain a local financial institution who strives to give personalized service to each and every member. Santa Fe FCU offers a wide variety of services, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, fully online loan and membership applications, mortgage loans, and very competitive CD and loan rates. Santa Fe FCU is also a part of the CO-OP Shared Branching network, giving you access to your account at over 5,000 credit union branches nationwide. Find a Shared Branch here

We love the Texas panhandle and are excited to welcome Borger FCU members to our credit union family! You can learn more about the history of Santa Fe FCU here or check out the rest of the website to see all of the products and services you can look forward to. 

Will my favorite staff members be replaced? 

Definitely not! You will see some staffing changes due to employee retirement, but existing staff will actually see enhanced employee benefits after the merger.

Will our voices still be heard? 

Member feedback is always welcome! Two additional Board of Directors positions will also be added for Borger FCU members during this transition. This will ensure that we have representation from our Borger members and understand the needs of the community. If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors or the Supervisory Committee, please contact the credit union to get more information. 

What happens next?

It's time to vote! Members can cast their votes in the branch starting September 23rd or at the special meeting that will be on November 10th at 5:30PM inside the Borger FCU branch. We encourage you to bring up any questions or concerns with the staff prior to voting so that you are fully informed to make a decision. If the merger is approved by member vote, we will be working the next several months to make this a smooth transition. Borger FCU will still be Borger FCU, just with the larger backing of Santa Fe FCU and some new colors. We know that change can be tough, but we hope that you can get as excited as we are about this new opportunity to be your local financial institution.