Benefits of Membership:

Get the credit union experience! Santa Fe FCU is a not-for-profit cooperative that is owned and operated for our members. Membership gives you the right to a full range of financial services and a vote in electing our board of directors who set the overall direction of the credit union. 
Your initial membership (share) deposit of $25, and meeting eligibility requirements, makes you an owner of Santa Fe Federal Credit Union.

Membership Eligibility:

Following is a list of eligibility requirements for potential members:

    1) An employee of this credit union
    2) A member of a qualifying organization/association
    3) An employee of a qualifying Select Employee Group
    4) An immediate relative to a current member

Membership is available to the employees and members of participating businesses and organizations. Membership is also available for their immediate family and household members. 

Select Employee Group (SEG)

Some of Santa Fe's SEGs include:
   - Santa Fe Companies
   - Amarillo Gear Company
   - Downtown Women's Center
   - and many more!

 Associations included:
    - Canyon Eagle Booster Club
    - Railroad Artifact Preservation Society

To learn more about SEGs and find out how you can become a member give us a call today.


If you are interested in joining our credit union, fill out the form below and our member services team will contact you! 

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