Visa™ Debit Card

Activating Your EMV Chip Card

All members with active debit cards will be receiving a new, redesigned debit card in the mail, complete with an EMV chip! 

To activate your new card: 
Follow the activation instructions on the card, or call 1-800-448-8268. You may also come by a Santa Fe FCU branch and we will activate your new card for you. 

To avoid payment interruptions: 
Activate your new card as soon as possible and update your card information with all merchants. Your card number will remain the same, but the expiration date and CVV code will change. This will require you to update any automatic payments or stored payment information tied to your debit card. 

What to do with your old card: 
As soon as you activate your new debit card, your old debit card will be deactivated. Properly dispose of your old card after that. Until you have activated your new card, your old card will continue to work for a limited time. Please activate your new debit card as soon as possible to avoid any interruptions of debit card usage.


Get a Visa™ Debit Card FREE with your checking account.

  • Safer than carrying cash.
  • No Monthly Debit Card Fees.
  • Deducts from your checking account.
  • Make withdraws from ATMs
  • Convenient as a credit card but works like a check

Card Activation

For card activation call 855-726-4885, Option 1. You must provide the last 4 digits of your SSN and the current PIN.
To change your PIN call 855-726-4885, Option 2. The current PIN must be input prior to being able to select a new PIN. 

Lost or Stolen Card

What to do when you lose your debit card?

You can freeze your card using Online Banking or Mobile Banking to prevent transactions from going through! For instructions, click here.

During regular business hours, call the Credit Union as soon as you realize that it is missing. 806-373-0736 or 1-800-733-2804 

If it is after business hours or on the weekend: 
Call the customer service number for TransFund (our Card Processor) at 888-263-3370 and they will be glad to assist you.
They can locate your card number by your SSN, Account Number, and date of birth.
The lost card can then be closed to prevent any transactions. It is very important to report a lost or stolen card immediately to avoid fraud and possible monetary responsibility for untimely reporting.