Student Checking

The Perks For Students:

  • Get paid up to $5 an 'A', up to $20 a report card!* 
  • Free VISA Debit Card, accepted almost everywhere! 
  • No minimum opening deposit
  • No monthly fees
  • Free Online Banking
  • National ATM Coverage provided by TransFund & Moneypass Networks
  • Protected by FraudWatch +

The Perks For Parents: 

  • Parents can monitor the student's account
  • Students will not be able to charge more on the debit card than what's in their account
  • A debit card offers more financial protection than cash, especially when traveling
  • Students can learn financial independence and how to manage money with a Student Checking Account with SFFCU 

To Get The Grade Incentive, Students Must: 

  • Be aged 12-18 and enrolled in a middle or high school
  • Bring in their report card within 30 days of receiving it
  • Have a debit card, receive e-statements, and be signed up for online banking
  • Have a minimum of 5 debit card transactions in the past 30 days

A parent will be required to be on the student's account. Only grades for core classes will be eligible for the grade incentive. A Santa Fe Federal Credit Union representative will determine what classes qualify. In general, core classes consist those relating to Math, Science, History, and English.