Personal Loans

SFFCU offers loans for all of your purposes. Whether you're looking for a wedding loan, debt consolidation, or a loan to help build your credit, we can help!

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Share Certificates - Share Certificate loans or "CD Loans" are loans that can be taken out using money that is tied up in a CD as collateral. Let's say you put $5,000 into a five-year CD. After two years, an emergency comes up that you really need that $5,000. Instead of closing your CD and paying a penalty, you can take out a CD Loan and pay a very low interest rate. 

Regular Shares - Regular Share Loans or "Share Secured Loans" are similar to CD Loans, but they are backed by the money in your savings account. This is a great option for individuals who are looking to build their credit. With as little as $100 held in your savings account, we can give you a loan that matches that amount. You can then make payments on the Share Secured Loan and build up your credit history. 

Signature Loans - Signature loans are there for anything you may need. Whether it's for a vacation, wedding, debt consolidation, kitchen remodel, or whatever else, we can fund it. With this loan, you get a lump sum of the amount you want to borrow, then pay it back in small monthly payments. 

Unsecured Line of Credit - Also known as an "Easy Money Line of Credit", this can allow you to take out the money you need, when you need it. It's similar to a credit card, but instead of using a credit card you get the convenience of putting the money directly into your checking account. As an added bonus, our Easy Money Lines of Credit have rates as low as HALF the average credit card interest rate. 

Share Secured Line of Credit - Similar to a Share Secured Loan, a Share Secured Line of Credit is there for the individual that has no credit or a poor credit history. You can start with as little as $100 in your savings account, then we'll give you a line of credit for that amount of money. You can borrow these funds, then pay them back, then borrow again in order to build up a solid payment history that can help increase your credit score.