Loan Pay

Make your loan payments online using Loan Pay!

Looking to make life a bit easier? No more stamps, slow mail, late fees, check-writing, or forgetting to record loan payments. Now you can use funds from another financial institution to make your loan payment with us online.

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Steps to Make a Loan Payment

1. Log into Online Banking
2. Click Payments
3. Click Pay From External Account
4. Enter Your Information, Loan Information, and Payment Information
     Ensure you put your full account and loan number. Example: 12345-142

Note: This is a one-time payment. The payment will NOT recur automatically each time payment is due. The payment will post your loan the following business day if made before 5:00 PM CDT. 

Click here to view the Electronic Payments Disclosure.

Benefits Include:

  • Easier ability to make Loan payments

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Types of Payments we do NOT accept:

  • What is Loan Pay?

  • When will my Loan payment be applied to my loan?

  • Will there be a hold on my account at my other institution? And for how long?

  • Are there any Fees for this service?

  • Payment Limitations

  • How do I unsubscribe from email payment reminders?

  • How do I unsubscribe from text message payment reminders?

  • What happens if I made a payment by mistake?