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Make your loan payments online using E-Pay!

Looking to make life a bit easier? No more stamps, slow mail, late fees, check-writing, or forgetting to record loan payments. Now you can use funds from another financial institution to make your loan payment with us online.

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Steps to Make a Loan Payment

1. Log into Online Banking
2. Click Transfer Tab
3. Transfer From: Use Drop Down box; Choose E-Payment
4. Transfer To: Select the Loan you would like to pay
5. Verify Payment Amount; Click Continue
6. Select Payment Method: eCheck or Debit Card
7. Add information for the payment method
8. Select Payment Reminders: Text Message or via Email
9. Confirm- Pay Now

Note: This is a one-time payment. The payment will NOT recur automatically each time payment is due.

Click here to view the Electronic Payments Disclosure.

Benefits Include:

  • Easier ability to make Loan payments
  • Set reminders for each month to pay your Loan payments
  • Set re-occurring Loan payments dates 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Types of Payments we do NOT accept:

  • What is E-Payments?

  • When will my Loan payment be applied to my loan?

  • Will there be a hold on my account at my other institution? And for how long?

  • Are there any Fees for this service?

  • Payment Limitations

  • How do I unsubscribe from email payment reminders?

  • How do I unsubscribe from text message payment reminders?

  • What happens if I made a payment by mistake?