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Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit a check from anywhere!

Remote Deposit Capture lets you submit photos of the front and back of your endorsed checks into your checking or savings Deposit Accounts with the Credit Union. 

Deposit Limits 

Daily Deposit Limit

Items Per day

Per Item Limit

Rolling 30-day Limit





Steps to submit a Remote Deposit

  1. Endorse your check as follows:
  2.   Front: Remote Deposit on [current day’s date] 
      Back: Remote Deposit on [current day’s date]
  3. Login to SFFCU Mobile App; Click on Remote Deposit
  4. Select a Deposit Account
  5. Enter dollar amount show on Original Check image
  6. Follow Prompt:Take a picture of the FRONT of the check.
  7. Follow Prompt:Take a picture of the BACK of the check.
  8. Click Submit

Note: Deposits received before 2:00 P.M. CST on Monday through Friday will be considered deposited on that day. Deposits received after 2:00 P.M. CST on Monday through Friday at any time will be considered deposited on the next Business Day.

Benefits Include:

  • Freedom to deposit original checks anytime and from anywhere with your Mobile App
  • Safe, fast and secure transmission of your funds
  • Easily review Remote Deposit history
  • Easier ability to make Loan payments
  • Save time and money by reducing trips to the Credit Union

Who's eligible to use the Remote Deposit service?

Every member of Santa Fe Federal Credit Union is eligible to use remote deposit service. 

  • You must be enrolled in Online Banking
  • You must submit the check from within our Mobile App
  • You must have one or more eligible Deposit Accounts with us for at least 30 days

Click here to view the Remote Deposit Capture Disclosure Agreement.

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